Unbreakable Encryption

The only sure way to stop your data being accessed

All About Whitehorse Tech?

We are a full service computer and technology support company in McLean VA.

Our company's main focus are businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations in the Washington DC region.

We provide both on site and remote support through many different types of contracts.

Home user support is provided on a subscription basis via www.whitehorsecomputerclub.com

Our founder, CEO and Chief Engineer is Alan Edwards, a 22 year veteran in the computer and technology support field. He has supported many industries and sectors such as governments, the United Nations, law offices, medical professionals and lobbying/political organizations. He started Whitehorse Tech in 2004.

Why Buy From Us?

  1. Cheaper than direct.
  2. Your system needs to be clean before installing encryption software so that there is nothing watching as you do the initial install, setting up pass phrases etc. We will do a discounted check and clean up of your system if you are purchasing Cryptor. Not something that Centuri even offers.